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Landscape lighting > Taoyuan Zhuwei Fishing Port
Project:  Taoyuan Zhuwei Fishing Port

Using Products:

Project: Taoyuan Zhuwei Fishing Port
Location: Dayuan Township, Taoyuan County
Time: May, 2005
Using Products: SB200, STLW10A (Solar Wind Energy Street Light)
Description: Taoyuan Zhuwei Fish Port is a famous fish port in Taiwan. It is heaven to many visitors, gourmands, fishermen. The solar brick lights(SB200) from Shenzhen Sunshine Electronics Co., Ltd. are paved along both sides of the wooden road in Zhuwei Fish Port. Every visitor would praise the automatic-light solar brick lights while he walks along the wooden road.
  You see, even the little dog looks at the solar brick lights curiously.
  It is worth mentioning that, Zhuwei Fishing Port also uses our solar-wind street light. The solar-wind street light is suitable for places with abundant sunshine and wind. For example, there is plenty of sunshine in the day time and strong wind at night at seashore, we can make use of renewable energy all day!









Solar Brick Lights In Zhuwei Fish Port (In The Daytime)

Solar Brick Lights In Zhuwei Fish Port (At Night)

The dog looks at the solar brick lights curiously

Solar Wind Energy Intelligent Street Lights


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